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Concrete Cow Brewery at Jazzeco Vegan Fetival UK

Jazzeco Festival is very pleased to announce that there is nothing fishy about our beer!

We have teamed up with Dan, Master Brewer and Proprietor at The Concrete Cow Brewery to make sure that our beer is 100% vegan.

Surely beer is vegan? Not quite. Isinglass - a gelatine made using the swim bladders of fish - is in fact very likely to be in your average pint.

For this very reason Dan has helped to provide you with a fantastic range of beers to enjoy, without getting bladdered (pun intended).

As well as being a very fine beer producer who is sympathetic to the vegan cause, The Concrete Cow Brewery is also local, helping to reduce those all important food miles, providing us with a smaller carbon hoof print.

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Please see  below for a preview of the delicious Jazzeco Festival vegan menus.

Jazzeco Festival is provided by the Brownbury Blakelist Partnership, a collective of jazz lovers, based in Bedfordshire, but with a world sized vision of music and the future.


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